Continuous Development

Developing MicroGuide™

The team at Horizon continue to develop the MicroGuide™ technology, adding features and functions in response to user feedback. Below is an example of some of the new features and functions that we expect to be available within our service in the near future.

Calculator Library

A list of all published calculators created within MicroGuide. Content Editors will be able to view and inspect calculations and see live examples of use

Self-service Metrics

Shortly, all of our usage metrics will be available to Medical Organisations on a self-service, real time basis. Everything from Guide Downloads, to Guide Opens, to Condition Rankings will all be available to Content Editors and all by Registered User cohort.

Universal Drugs List

One master Drugs List by Medical Organisation which allows Content Editors pick and choose which drugs appear in which guide.

Guidance Review Module

On a guide-by-guide basis Medical Organisations will be able to send guidance changes out to ‘reviewers’ for oversight on technical and content changes to guidance before publication.

Global Push Messaging

Send short guidance related messages to the devices of all your registered users from within our Content Management System.

Horizon Strategic Partners – Team

MicroGuide™ is brought to you by a dedicated team of developers, technicians and customer support personnel based in UK, China, and the USA. 

Horizon Strategic Partners continue to invest in new technology to bring our users and editors the latest beneficial innovations that improve the functionality and performance of MicroGuide™. 

Ultimately helping to regulate prescribing practices and improve patient care.